When I was first diagnosed it felt like my womanhood was snatched from me. I felt trapped, alone, embarrassed and ashamed.
My boyfriend had given it to me and just said it didnt matter because we were not going to break up. But I hated him, not only for that but I genuinely did not love him. However he was offering a small hope at normalcy and a judge free relationship.
I was trapped. When he and I ended I was very frighted that I would sink into a depression. I meditated and tried to remind myself that the condition did not define me and life moved on. But it felt like something precious and beautiful was tainted.
I joined this site to prove to myself that their was still life and love out there. I never imagined I would meet someone. A gentleman who has been kind, sweet and patient. With him I have felt beautiful, sexy, and empowered again. Its still new and although I am madly head over heels I do not know where it will end. What I do know is that I have meet wonderful people on this site who are looking for companionship. I am looking at my love life optimistically.

Advice to other members:

Take it slow. Get to know the person not the diagnosis.

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I have met and shared some quality time with one individual I met on this site; but, he does live a few hours away and is now, with an old "flame" as he put it. However, we do text and talk every few months and try to maintain a friendship. I do think that distance is a big problem for most people (I did have a reply to an email which stated that "yes" we do seem to have some similar interests....but, we are states apart. At this older senior level (age-wise not mind-set) I also feel we get more set in our ways, those fortunate enough to have grandchildren nearby do not want to make a move or....health and/or caregiving obligations hinder moving on.
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Herpes is not the end, and dating with herpes is also a happy thing.
After years of disappointment and crying in bed I felt like giving up. I have gone through stages of depression wondering if I will always be alone to trying to be ok with being alone. He had contacted me in July and with the distance I wasn't interested. Derek drove through town this October and I was blunt saying I didn't need anymore time wasted and that he could be a serial killer. He said he wouldn't hurt an ant. We drove downtown Des Moines and I took him to a Vegan deli which was amazing. Walked the river and suddenly were inseperable with our touch and loving words. He is a truck driver/yoga instructor and I thought that sounded pretty fishy. This man though is the answer to my prayers. The love he shows fills my heart. I feel so blessed to meet someone so pure and kind. He wants to know everything about me and my family and children. He wants to love me unconditionally.

Advice to other members:

Don't give up and don't settle. Love is possible.

joy_1980 and Semihippie, Des Moines, United States, Nov 02, 2014

We had both been members for only 2 weeks. And we're both over 50! He emailed me first. Said he liked my profile. He lives in California and I live in Texas. I liked his enough to write back. We went from that to constant texting and talking on the phone for another two or three weeks and decided to meet in Las Vegas for a few days. It was AWESOME! So effortless. The sex was amazing. And so free. Since then I've been to California to spend a few days with him. Even better than Vegas!!!! And now we're figuring out the next rendezvous. And who knows where it will lead? We are both ready to make a change including moving and may end up in his home state of North Carolina!

Advice to other members:

After being on Our Time and match, I felt hopeless until I found the PS site. Finally I was free among others like myself. And within 2 weeks I met the man I'd like to be with now for the rest of my life. Don't give up!!!! But also beware of scammers because I had one on PS but he didn't succeed in getting money from me. They are out there! Beware foreign accents and excuses for not meeting you in person!

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I met someone who is everything I have been looking for on Positive Singles!
and thank you so much for www.herpesdatingsite.biz (Saw PS through herpes dating site reviews) !
Dating on PS eliminates the need for "The Talk" which has to be one of the worst and most awkward things a person has to do in their life! It took a few years of being a member here off and on and that is completely understandable considering the circumstances. I have no need to be on the safe anymore. This is one of the most happiest goodbyes I have ever written! 🙂
Thanks you, Thanks PS! Thanks Again!


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I joined PS by the review site www.herpesdatingsite.biz

I honestly have NO problem at all with this site! It has actually
brought someone into my life that i've been getting to know for the last
past couple mos. I hope things continue down the road they're on b/c IT'S
GREAT! Which is why i'm cancelling my subcription with the intent that
the next time I log on, will be to continue to give "PositiveSingles"
some more praise for a job well done! You can't start to imagine the
lonliness I was feeling when I was diagnosed in 2004. I thought--how in
the world do I ever find someone to love without feeling like i'm gonna
run them off at the first mentioning of my status? This site really gave
me hope! I thought it would never happen, but i'm sorta impatient
anyway, so nontheless things are great, and I also met a really cool friend
also here.

Thank you soooo much!

Thanks www.herpesdatingsite.biz , thanks positivesingles.com

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I met someone on this site and it's still new but so far so good! Actually I'm quite smitten and I think it's mutual. I only answered one post. And it turned out he lived a block away from me but we had never met! How's that for kismet? What a relief to be able to feel desirable again. I've had this cursed HSV2 for 30 years and this is the first time I've been able to feel attracted to someone without anxiety - just fun and warmth. And you know what? The people on this site are often a great 'catch' so to speak. Smart, successful, good-looking and/or kind. Better then the pool of applicants on some of the other dating sites, because they've been out of circulation due to their condition.

Advice to other members:

Take it slow to start, but stay open.

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