Herpes Dating Sites Offer Me More Success on Finding True Love

Here is the real love story of herpes dating UK about me and my friends.

One of the hardest things I have been through is having a loved one that received an std disease. My best friend contracted the disease while she was involved with a guy that slept around a lot. She was the most loyal girl I've known. However, she never expected her ex-boyfriend to cheat. Not only did he cheat, but she got herpes from him. This had to be the one of the most painful experiences I have seen someone go through.

After contracting the disease, she went through a period of depression. Then she soon got over it and got enough courage to start going out on dates. She got back into the dating scene and because my friend was such a wonderful and honest person, she would let guys know beforehand that she had an std. Well, one by one I would see guys just not call her again.

I felt hurt for her. I felt anger. I knew how wonderful this girl was and I was witnessing guys turn her down because of something her ex-boyfriend did to her. I consoled her and told her the right guy would come along.

After experiencing this disease's effect, I did some research on it and found that 20% of Unite Kingdom adults have some type of STD and herpes being #1. I did more research and saw that there are a lot of people going through the same emotional roller coaster as my best friend. Then I ran across std dating sites. I was astonished to know there was a community like this with people that were having the same problem and contracted an STD. These were people in all shapes and sizes. I told my girlfriend and she reluctantly decided to join one. Boy, am I glad she did because she is now engaged to a guy she met on the site.

However, it's not just about finding a "new loved one". There are also resources available that keep up to date with herpes. There are help groups and more that I can see how so many benefit from these communities.

If you would like to join safe and private herpes dating sites in UK and meet more than 1.8 millions positive singles in UK, I recommend a great one at www.herpesdatingsite.biz. Don't let this disease stop you from living your life.