For people with herpes, just open doors to others

When I was first diagnosed it felt like my womanhood was snatched from me. I felt trapped, alone, embarrassed and ashamed.
My boyfriend had given it to me and just said it didnt matter because we were not going to break up. But I hated him, not only for that but I genuinely did not love him. However he was offering a small hope at normalcy and a judge free relationship.
I was trapped. When he and I ended I was very frighted that I would sink into a depression. I meditated and tried to remind myself that the condition did not define me and life moved on. But it felt like something precious and beautiful was tainted.
I joined this site to prove to myself that their was still life and love out there. I never imagined I would meet someone. A gentleman who has been kind, sweet and patient. With him I have felt beautiful, sexy, and empowered again. Its still new and although I am madly head over heels I do not know where it will end. What I do know is that I have meet wonderful people on this site who are looking for companionship. I am looking at my love life optimistically.

Advice to other members:

Take it slow. Get to know the person not the diagnosis.

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