Meet a guy on herpes dating site in UK

I met a guy about a month after I joined January 2013. We emailed back and forth for about 2 weeks before we exchanged numbers. We started texting everyday then talking on the phone once or twice a week. In May of 2013 we finally met face to face. We met up at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Denton,tx about an hr from Dallas. I live in Houston and he lives in Dallas. We kept talking and visiting each other and started officially dating January 2014. He is my first love I have plans to move to Dallas next year. No plans for marriage but I'm very happy and thankful it has made the coping process a lot smoother. In fact I'm going to see him in 2 days 🙂

Suggestions for improvement is maybe a "last time active" time stamp so other users can know if the person is even active on their account and features that encourage participation since according to the forums there is not much going on I was blessed to find someone so amazing.

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