Safety dating tips for people dating with Herpes

Confidence is the key. I have been through I think just about everything when it comes to dating with Herpes. It's only hard in the mind. If you can overcome it in your head then you will have no problems dating someone. People are a lot more understanding than we want to believe sometimes.

Safety is very important as well. Unless you are going to be with that person for the rest of your life and you both know it you shouldn't have unprotected sex. The fear that it can put in a young women or man's eyes is not worth the pain that you will have to feel because you know you hurt someone. Just because someone did it to you doesn't mean you have to go around doing it to other's because you are hurt or angry.

Find God. Find yourself. Deal with it and be a man or the woman that you know you are supposed to be in your heart. God bless all of you and I am sorry we are all here, but we are here together to string through this battle. Never give up. Always stay strong and keep that head you.

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