Women with herpes (high risk hpv)


I have high risk HPV for most 4years and had my pap test came back negative my docter told me I clear the HPV viruss she said I dont have it any more she said I can still have sex but use condom and keep my immune system high so can't pass my hHPV she said for me eat healthy and take victims use comdoms if I have sex. But I was wondering can i still pass my hpv when is doormat I wanna have sex again but Dont want to infect any one I don't have other stds but I wonder if I can still pass it when my pap test say negative my docter told me my hpv clear its doormat


HPV is a virus that is spread by direct skin to skin contact. According to government research if you haven't had genital wart outbreaks for at least two years there is a 90% chance the human body completely cleared the virus. If you eat healthy and maintain a strong immune system the chances that your body completely fights the virus off increases.

There is a 10% chance the virus is dormant. The chance of you passing the virus to a partner would be very low if you actually carry the virus. It's important to continue to keep your appointment, educate a partner about safe and to use a condom. I recommend using a lubricated latex condom. Lubricated condoms reduce friction and it's less likely to break.

The doctor who told you this sounds educated about how STDs are spread.

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