Why you should not join FREE herpes dating sites in UK?

Since more and more people in UK are diagnosed with herpes, HIV,HSV,HPV, or other STDs, herpes dating sites become more popular now. Many of those people with herpes in UK are using herpes dating sites to find love or herpes support. Before beginning a dating relationship, we suggest you not join FREE herpes dating sites.

Why? There are 3 reasons.

At first, Users of the website 80% are false or incompletely

In order to attract users to join, free herpes dating sites has only 1 step to join, you just need fill your username and choose the sex type , age or other simple information, then you can check all part of the website. In fact, the members you check are most like you - No photo, no detailed introduction in their personal information. If you find this, you may never join again. While every site is bound to have a few fake profiles, free herpes dating sites seem to have far more than other sites. This problem is greatly reduced by paying for reputable services. In addition, it is less likely that you will run into scammers on a paid herpes dating site.

Then, No enough and useful features for users

As free sites, they have no enough money on providing useful features like forum, blogs, living chat room, living STD counselor etc. Users on free herpes dating sites can not do any thing but checking incomplete profiles. But for people with herpes, they not just need finding love, they also need learning more herpes treatments or herpes support.

The end, No strict quality check on profiles

Maybe you feel convenient to join in free herpes dating sites, if you think deeply, you will find that those sites never check the users' authenticity. This means that I can join this site any time and many times with different name or sex type, using a star's photo without any check. That is terrible.

So if you want to join a herpes dating site in UK, please read the UK herpes dating sites reviews and choose a right, real and activity site. It is more safe to you and your partner.