Who will know if I have Herpes?

An individual's Herpes status is highly confidential. The laws vary from state to state. To my knowledge there is no state in the USA that will inform a teenagers partner that s/he has Herpes, unless there are signs of sexual abuse or the minors life is at risk. A medical provider is responsible for reporting HIV, syphilis and gonorrhea to the Center for Disease Control. These STDs a reportable because it helps the government look at statistics to track what age group, and population has a particular STD.

Often when an individual is diagnose with a particular STD s/he has the option of having someone from the health department or clinic notify his or her partners. A Counselor or Mental Health Counselor may ask questions to find out if anyone else possible has Herpes. With permission a partner might be notified depend on the situation. There are low cost and free Herpes treatment options in every state of the USA. I could help anyone find a free or low cost Herpes clinic if I'm provided with a zip code.