Sex with HSV 2:How to go about casual sex?

Some people with herpes at a time in their life when they would really like to have lots of casual sex. Since they have genital herpes, they  need to disclose this to potential partners. ( sex with hsv 2 ) Do not want to disclose? Not only is it illegal, but it’s also morally abysmal to transmit a disease to a partner by engaging in sexual activity without telling them your status. Even if you take enough precautions that you think it’s safe there is absolutely still a risk. It is not up to you to determine if the risk is low enough – that is your partner’s decision. The risk they take is up to their discretion, not yours.

Even if you don’t consider the moral shadiness and selfishness of doing this, you must consider the legal repercussions. If your partner finds out that you withheld this information from them, you could face very negative legal backlash. You could be arrested and spend a considerable period of time in jail.
If you’re planning on engaging in casual sex, here are some points you can make in conversation in order to do so morally, legally, and safely:

  1. Insist on using a condom.
  2. Be upfront about when you had your last STD test.Tell your partner what you were tested for and what results you got back. Ask your partner to share their own testing history as well.

     3. Talk about birth control.

If you have female reproductive organs (whether you identify as a woman or not), tell your partner what kind of birth control you are on, if any. If you are having sex with someone who has female reproductive organs, ask them about what if any birth control they take. Ultimately, you should feel liberated to have sex with any consenting partner, as long as you inform them first and they willingly accept the risk.

Sex with HSV 2 :