My girlfriend has low grade HPV, type 14


My girlfriend has low grade HPV, type 14,right now she is getting the genital wart treatment, her doctor suggested me to have Gardasil shot because if I do cunnilingus on her there is a possibility of throat cancer. Until now I have only did it once to her, and it was for 10-15 minutes at most. - First question is, do you think getting the shot is really necessary for me in this situation, I always used a condom during intercourse and only did cunnilingus to her once (im a 22 y/o guy) ? -Second question is after she gets the treatment, is it safe to do cunnilingus on her ? -Third question is, if its still not safe to do cunnilingus on her after her treatment, can I do it after I get the first shot of Gardasil ? or should I not do it until after the third shot ?


The HPV vaccine is offered to adults age 26 or under who hasn't been exposed to HPV. The vaccine reduces the chance of getting a genital wart outbreak by 90%. Everyone under age 27 who hasn't been exposed to the virus should get the vaccine. It isn't common to get throat cancer from HPV. Why risk getting an STD if it could be avoided by a simple vaccine? There are way more strains of HPV that cause genital warts rather than oral warts.

HPV is spread by coming in direct genital or oral contact with the virus. Even if your partner doesn't have an outbreak the virus could still surface the skin. That means a partner could catch the virus if direct skin to skin contact with the virus occurs.

If she doesn't have active genital wart outbreaks it's still not safe to have unprotected sex. The virus could still be active. If an individual with HPV hasn't had genital wart outbreaks in two year or more there is at least a 90% chance the virus completely cleared the body.

I don't know how effective the first shot is only. In a situation like this I wouldn't recommend taking any chances by having protected sex. If you get all three vaccines the chances are low that you will catch the virus.

How did you find out your girlfriend has law grade HPV strain 14? Usually an individual can't find out what strain of HPV s/he has, even though it's possible.

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