Man with herpes (hsv-a) have sex with women with herpes (hsv-2)

If im a male with hsv 1 o and have sex with a female with hsv 2 g, with a condom, and she has no sign of a out break how likely is it for me to get hsv 2? And how long should u wait after sex to get tested for hsv?

Expert Answer:

Having oral herpes doesn't protect an individual from catching genital herpes. HSV-1 is very common, seem there is no protective barrier when kissing occurs. The human body usually weakens herpes. Therefore, most individual's who carry the herpes antibodies don't have outbreaks or show symptoms of the virus. The chance of catching genital herpes is unknown. The Center for Disease Control (Federal government, and research doesn't provide a fixed chance). In many cases herpes isn't detected, seem the body weakens the virus.

However, it's proven that about 16% of sexually active adults carry HSV-2 antibodies, which is usually associated with genital herpes. If you use a lubricated latex condom, if sex doesn't occur during outbreaks or if symptoms are present, the chance of catching genital herpes could be as low as a per percent per a year.
Myself and the Center for Disease Control don't recommend taking the herpes blood test. The herpes blood test doesn't tell us if the virus is oral or genital herpes. If the herpes antibodies are weak herpes may not be detected. It's possible to get different blood test results each time a person is tested. Once an individual test positive for herpes s/he carries the antibodies for life. The most effective way to be diagnosed with herpes is for a doctor to see outbreaks. The herpes antibodies may appear on a blood test a couple of months after infection.

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