Living with herpes, but we have future plan to make a home together

Success story from Atom2002 , Moses Lake, WA, United States, Apr 28, 2015

Thank you for the inquiry,.. (I trust this will help, though prefer it not be broad cast with my name or profile info). I came back to make sure my profile was inactive for the time being. This is the second time I have used on-line meeting sites to find a quality, and compatible man. My first was a 10 Year LTR that only ended b/c he passed away from cancer.

All I can say is, I stick to my own "old fashioned" integrity and perhaps non-popular ways in first meeting. I believe if one is honest, willing to communicate, and has tenacity with patience, this is the superior and quickest way to meet men. I was not on any site for hook-ups and tried to make that clear in my profile. However, I still would receive the less than proper integrity I was seeking, or just those that were unable to communicate with on some basic level-usually preferring ssumptions over just asking or answering a direct question.

This man, that so far has made me stop looking, has the qualities in reciprocation we both were seeking. Out of chance, I had seen his profile when I expanded my search. It appeared as though he had already been "matched" or was dating, as the site offered the "last log in date" info of over 1 month old (and given some of the info his profile offered) I would not have been surprised to see him not looking long! But he was more like me than I even thought in the start.

As is my Shaman fashion, I only sent a message to his profile (out to the universal good) telling him how I was impressed with the words he shared and that was sorry to not have noticed it sooner. I also even expected he would not receive my message, but said; I hoped he had found the quality long lasting match he was seeking and told him (or the universe!) that I wished him well.

I did NOT expect a response (seldom get one of any kind in most cases),... As I am Shaman, I always feel it is good to congratulate those that have made successful in their efforts even when they may not know it offered. He wrote back the same day after reading my profile. I can only "assume" the site sent him a notice (which I am soooo grateful).... He told me he had quit logging on or trying due to the lack of integrity of the responses he had initially received (centering all around typical shallow sexual advances). We have been communicating daily since, and we are thrilled at our meeting.

We are taking the time to get to know one another as opposed to the seemingly popular quick hook-ups that prevail in our gay societal norm.

We are both communicators, "marriers" as devoted monogamous people, that have had difficulty finding men with these qualities in the past. I have an added bonus of his being quite handsome and just a few years my junior!

The way things are going, we have future plan to make a home together- The "picket fence" and with all the wonderful attributes that go into a real relationship in the easy good times, while both willing to put the effort to work for individual and mutual goals and foremost- through any challenges that are only natural to happen in any relationship, without "throwing in the towel" for the next fling available around every corner.

Thank You!!!

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