How long should you wait to have sex after an initial outbreak?

The amount of time an individual should wait to have sex depends on the symptoms of herpes an individual is experiencing. An individual may get an initial outbreak and the herpes sores may clear. However, some of the symptoms of herpes could be present. For example, a burning, itching, tingling feeling or sensitive skin could indicate that herpes is on the surface of the skin. After an initial outbreak additional symptoms of herpes are more likely to occur. The herpes virus is often strong within the first year a person catches the virus.

If an outbreak is fully clear and if there are no symptoms of herpes the chance of passing the virus greatly decreases. I'm recommending that an individual uses a lubricated latex condom. Lubricated condoms reduce friction and are less likely to break.

Even if an initial outbreak is clear I would recommend an that newbies or anyone who gets outbreaks discusses the option of taking medication to reduce herpes outbreaks. Medication may not be needed. However, medication such as Valtrex could reduce outbreaks and the chance of passing genital herpes to a partner.

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