How do you tell someone you’ve got genital herpes?

There is no particular way to have a conversation with a partner who doesn't have herpes or an STD. These are just my personal recommendation. An individual may find an approach that works better for him or her. However, it's important to do your research and to be prepared to answer any questions the other person may have. Get your facts from the Center for Disease Control, .gov and .org websites. You want to know how the STD is spread, how to have safe sex, how to reduce outbreaks and how the STD could affect the body.

Once the do your research prepare yourself mentally to have a conversation with a partner. You want to remain calm, make eye contact, speak with a normal tone of voice and think of a place where you want to talk to your partner. Never have, "the talk" during the conversation of the moment.

If needed always allow the other person time to think about his or her choice. It's important to be honest with a partner and to know the facts about herpes. A partner may need time to think if s/he wants the relationship. Always keep a positive attitude. Meeting a person who you have a strong connection with has much more weight than herpes alone.

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