I just went on Facebook.com and I don't really see many herpes support groups that are known. Sometimes herpes support groups could be hard to find. If you send me your zip code I'll at least make an attempt to locate a support group. I think social gatherings and events for people with STDs are more common than support groups. Online dating has grown a lot and is still growing.

If you have any issues you want to talk about let me know. Sometimes it also helps to discuss you issues with a good therapist

Hello all my beautiful ladies!

I saw few of you were posting about wanting to get new female friends and support groups. I don't want to hijack Cerise's thread and hope she (and everyone else) will find the actual face to face support & friendship she's looking for. But maybe we can also give each other some online support? :) I have attended few of my local support group meetings but actually find it hard to open up there, talking online feels easier at the moment.

I'll start by telling a bit about myself. I'm 30, single, studying and working on and off. I've been infected for about 9 years and no one in my life at the moment knows of my status. I've only disclosed to my ex and the one who infected me. I no longer have anything to do with neither of them. My feelings about HIV and being infected by it have varied a lot during the years and I guess I should say I don't quite know how I feel about it right now. It's a work in progress. ;) I live in Europe and receive excellent, free health care so I don't really need to worry about that. But the mental side of this all is sometimes bit tough. I love nature, cycling and growing my own herbs and other plants in the summer time. Now that spring is finally coming I'm starting to put the seeds in the soil again and soon my home will be filled up with tiny beginnings of new life. ;D

I hope to hear from you all and would really like to make some new friends here.

Herpes support groups https://www.herpesdatingsite.biz/herpes-support-groups/

Women with herpes  https://www.herpesdatingsite.biz/women-with-herpes/

Details of my condition:
I have hsv 2 . I was diagnosed a little over 6 months ago after dating a guy. I was tested negative the first time and then when I had another outbreak which was way worse than the initial one I went to get tested again and this time it came back positive. At first I was using otc creams because I assumed it was a bug bite or irritation from soap or something of that sort. My outbreak was not located on my vaginal area but instead right in the crease of my leg where my bikini line and underwear meet. Most people think you have to have outbreaks exactly on your private which is a common misconception.
Drugs I take & Dosages:
I was prescribed Valacyclovir 1 Gram. I take those every so often. My doctor recommended getting me on antisuppressants because I also suffer from depression so my outbreaks were pretty frequent maybe a 1-2 times a month. Initially the first nurse I saw kind of threw it off and was like I'll prescribe you some when needed.
The drug is very efficient my doctor said to take 2 at the onset of a outbreak and when I feel tingling or itching (which normally means ob for me) I go ahead and take 2 a day for about 3 days or so. Even though she prescribed them for everyday use I only take them as needed because of the side effects.
Side effects:
Very strong urine with a smell of the medicine, chest fullness, loss of breath easily, headaches, and back pain.
Other types of treatments:
I have tried taking l lysine but it does not work for me. I also have tried balancing a arginine to lysine ratio diet which you can research online which worked for a small deal of time but not always.
Advice to other members:
Always try different things, what works for others may not work for you. If you do not feel comfortable discussing treatment with your doctor change doctors ! It's that simple. A doctor's job is to make you aware of your treatment not make you feel ashamed because of it. Good luck 🙂
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