Herpes success stories 6: I’ve met someone who sparks something in me.

Here is tapples ' herpes success story .
I first noticed him when he added me to his favorites. I was interested immediately just from his pictures. I hadn't been on the site long and really wasn't sure if I was going to become a "member" until I got familiar with the site and even if it had anything to offer me. Because members can't send emails, I posted a comment to his profile showing my interest. He responded back with a comment, and was glad he made a connection back but I did not realize until then I had to wait 3 days to make another comment!

Because I just don't like wasting time, I posted my phone number only to find out later that personal information is erased. I really was considering getting a membership, just to get this guy my number. After a couple more comments, and no personal information going through on either end I gave it another try and somehow my number did show up on the last try.

Super bowl Sunday was the first day he texted me and the ball has been rolling ever since. We did that for a couple of days and I was interested in how he interacted with me through text, he could keep up with me 🙂 Our first phone conversation was almost three hours long and I learned enough about him to really get me hooked on knowing more. Plus, his voice was easy on the ears.

I’m usually not shy about asking if someone wants to hang out etc… but I just really wanted him to ask me first. Finally, after giving several hints as to when I was available he asked if I would want to do something the following weekend. Neither of us wanted to wait that long so we planned on coffee two days after Valentine’s Day but the place we chose was closed and had to detour to a bar that was open.

When I met him in person I thought how although his pictures are what caught my eye to begin with, they did him no justice. I had never had a man bring me flowers on a first date, it’s different for me and this different was very good. We sat and talked for three hours at that bar and although I could have stayed easily, I had to get back home because of work the next day.

I am new to dating and had no clue what to do next, so I figured that if he asked me to do something the following Saturday it must have been a good sign! There have been several great dates and many conversations that lead to the realization I didn’t need positive singles, or anyone else for that matter. I don’t believe it’s good to say a piece was missing or there was hole in my life when you meet someone, and they fill it. It’s when you are ok with where you are and content with where are headed and you meet that person that just makes everything SO much better is when you know, or I know, it’s something that can last. I’ve met someone who sparks something in me that I always wanted to be sparked and could not imagine a better person to get to know and grow with. I have a connection with him I've never had before.

As for “plans” of marriage I can’t say because we both have a divorce pending, and we’ve known each other a month, that’s just the facts. However, I do know that everything I have to give, I want to give it to him. And any time I have, I want to spend it with him. I’m excited for what’s to come

Advice to other members:

Now for some tips, give some people a break and let them email without having a membership! Life is short and were not getting any younger! And I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on what I’ve found because they don’t have a membership to an STD dating website!