“Herpes dating sites” has help us on herpes research for 3 years

"Herpes Dating Sites", a comprehensive reviews site that lists top dating sites for people with herpes to research and be interact with; this week released their latest round of herpes research in every United State from the last three years (2013-2015). The dating site found that under the unchanged marketing method and funds, the total number of registered herpes users is still increasing consistently by 11.647% average annual growth rate during the research period.

“We created our platform as a place for those affected by herpes, sexually transmitted diseases, and HIV to come together for community, support, and education,” said _Adam Trump, Founder and Owner of Herpes Dating Sites. “STDs have such a negative stigma attached to them that those affected often can’t find friendship and support throughout their illness. Our site makes it easy to find others suffering from the disease, and grow with one another to avoid a setback again.”

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), annually, 875,000 people in the United States get new herpes infections. "Herpes Dating Sites" looked at the specific growth rate of each state in the US through their registered users in the last three years.

“We found that California has the largest number of herpes users in the last 3 years,” said Oliver David. “Additionally, we found that New Hampshire is #1 with regards to the growth and spread rate. Our findings align with the existing CDC data in that herpes expansion and increased diagnosed cases increase every year in the US.”

"Herpes Dating Sites" tried to find support data for herpes population in different states, but unfortunately failed as there is provided data from the CDC. The site appealed to CDC to survey herpes rates and reasons in various states in order to guide each state to find better and effective ways prevent HSV infections.

Herpesdatingsite.biz is home to thousands living with herpes looking for love and companionship in the US. Their mission is to spread awareness and education on herpes from coast to coast.

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