Herpes dating site UK is more than a site

Why I like this site because of the living chat. I was a severely injured and disabled combat vet. Still am technically but I am finally enjoying some rapid recovery from injuries.

All I needed was human contact. Since my wife passed away I really did turn inward and secluded myself from life. That did absolutely no good whatsoever. Especially since I have a great little six year old son.

No matter how hard you try to be a good person if you do not invest in yourself you really wind up cheating others in your life. Especially yourself. Being here was an investment for me.

Spending the money to renew my membership after my wife gifted me one kept me going. It allowed the big kid in me to come out and play and socialize without worry of social stigmas. Whether it was banter or serious conversations I found it all here.

I simply hate the "conversation" about STD's with people who don't have it. It's a really cold wet blanket at first, but it soon dries out. If you make friends here it's like a cozy blanket. I hope you discover that, too.

The important thing is to remember you are not alone. Not everyone is Prince Charming or Cinderella, but that's life. What you do find here is common ground.

I met my wife here. Sometimes fairy tales come true. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. The hands on life's clock can never be turned back. I say keep moving forward and take charge of your future.

Welcome and good luck.

Advice to other members:
In the beginning I was really shocked to learn that I had contracted genital herpes because I didn't know much about it. Ignorance is your worst enemy. After you've experienced denial you will eventually accept your condition or situation.

Once you get to the point of acceptance you can move forward. Herpes does not prevent you from living a great life.

Poke around the site and look at the number of people here and do some Web research after you've read the FAQs. Knowledge is empowering.

Don't hole yourself up in some dark mental cave. Come out and play in the sun!

Invest in yourself. You are not damaged goods. You are still the same person you were before. So what if you have a permanent skin rash? Most here have it, too.

Put the past behind you. Recriminations do no one any good and pity parties are a waste of your time. Since you can't undo the past make the best of it. Learn from it.

Then take one step forward. If it takes you day by day to get there it's okay: you're making progress. Now just keep moving forward.

If someone here helps you out with advice or encouragement don't forget that kindness. Give it back. Herpes is spreading like crazy. Look up the statistics online. So don't worry about being the "new" one here. Soon you'll be an old hand.

I know enough people don't give a damn about anything but themselves. That's a choice we have since we're all unique and no one is the same.

It's not wrong to feel the hurt or whatever emotions you felt or still feel about how you got here. Just make the best of it.

Maybe after awhile you'll finding yourself liking it or you get tired of it sometimes but it's like being a moth and MPWH is like a bright light in your moment of darkness. You keep coming back. I hope you enjoy your visit or stay. I'm not saying its perfect because we're still dealing with people.

How good that visit or stay is all up to you. Good luck. Just remember "luck" doesn't happen magically in real life. You just have to make your own. But you're no longer alone and I hope you discover that can make all the difference in the world.

By Doctors_Why, London, UK|Herpes|Feb 13, 2017
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