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As the best and largest herpes dating site UK, Positive Singles set up one professional dating app, a Tinder-style app for people with herpes and other STDs, is becoming increasingly popular with more and more people with STDs looking for a shot at leading a normal life. In figures released by PositiveSingles.com this week, the app has over 1,000,000 registered users now and the number increases 1500 per day.

“There are approximately 110 million people who have STDs in the US and 20 million new infections each year. The CDC estimates that more than half of all people will become infected with a STD at some point in their lives,” said Tom, Webmaster of www.herpesdatingsite.biz , a site that gives herpes dating site reviews.

“PositiveSingles.com has made dating easier for people with herpes by offering them a dating app with the ease of Tinder-style use.”

Though the app is open to people with all kinds of STDs, it is a preferred platform for those living with herpes and HIV. According to statistics, a total of 57.35% of Positive Singles members are herpes singles, while 18.33% of the total users are living with HIV.

The app is currently available in the iTunes Store and Google Play Store. It has a “Lets Meet” feature that works like Tinder, where users are given recommended matches according to their location and preferences, and users can swipe right to like someone or swipe left to pass.

The app also has blogs, forums and chat room, where users can share their thoughts on any topics, such as experiences of dating with STDs. Herpes dating App may become the hottest topic about herpes dating area.

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