Having sex with a woman who afterwards reported to have had high risk HPV and is post-Leep procedure. Need a little insight and advice ..

I am a 29 year old male who slept with a woman 3 times. There was some unprotected sex, but the majority was with a condom. She did not inform me until afterwards and I am unsure of how to handle this - mostly becuase it appears I will never know if I actually contracted the virus. Brief history from her standpoint is she was diagnosed with high risk HPV after an abnormal routine PAP about 1 year ago. She is now 9 months post-LEEP proceudre to remove abnormal cells that had developed and at her 6 month checkup was told everything is clear. What I do not know is whether standard procedure will actually test for active HPV infection on these follow-up appointments or if they are just performing a PAP to examine for presence of abnormal tissue growth. I would feel better about this if I learned that HPV was tested for again but I am not certain and at this point neither is she - dormant infection is thought by some experts to be much less likely to transmit so if she was HPV negative at her 6 month (which occured about 8 weeks ago) I would feel a bit more confident that she had cleared the virus (i realize you can never be sure). Post-LEEP there seems to be more evidence for a probable 6 month clearance rate than not. Secondly - for any other man in this scenerio - I am trying to learn how people deal with it. Should I carry on as normal and consider myself less likely to have the virus given the circumstance here within? Should i remain abstinent for 2 years when I can remain 90% confident that if i had contracted the virus I have now cleared it myself? I am terrrified to disclose this to a future partner (maybe potential wife) because there is now way to be sure I have contracted anything. I am unsure how to handle everything for the time being. I am also consider having her go to get test for HPV currently to determine whether or not she has identifiable active infection at this time. Any advice?


There isn't an HPV for a man to take. Certain HPV test are only available for clinical studies. According to the Center for Disease Control if a person hasn't had a gentile wart outbreak for two or more years there is a 90% chance the virus completely cleared the body. The human body often clears the virus before than. Up to 50% of adults catch HPV. Only a percent of those people get outbreaks for the reason stated. If you never had a genital wart outbreak the chances are high your body fought the virus off or that you never caught the virus.

Standard procedure, and the follow up appointments should both test for abnormal cervical cell changes, which is almost always caused by HPV. It would be best if she confirms this with her doctor. If she was negative for HPV for 6 months the chance of spreading the virus will decrease some. The longer a person doesn't have genital wart outbreaks (up to a two years) the higher the chance is that the virus cleared the body.

Would being alone for "two years" improve your quality of life? I understand having an STD could be hard to cope with. You weren't diagnosed with HPV. However, there is a chance you could have the virus. I also understand you wouldn't want to pass an STD to a partner. I'm going to encourage you to have safe sex, and to educate a partner about how STDs could spread. It could be helpful to get tested for STDs with a partner. It shows you care. If you test negative for everything, I would encourage you to have safe sex, with a lubricated condom (less likely to break). If that is done in this situation there would be a very low chance your partner would catch an STD from you. Anyone could be a carrier for HPV and herpes and now know. It's just a chance everyone takes. The chance could be low if you never had a genital wart outbreak.

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