Having safe sex with herpes

For people with herpes, especially people with genital herpes, you might be thinking, "My sex life is over!".

Yes, Herpes is highly contagious during outbreaks. And even during shedding. It can be intimidating to dive into the dating world again with this new diagnosis...

Scared?Just take a deep breath - your herpes sex life is not over. It's just beginning.

Here are some helpful tips about sex with herpes, you may check:

1.  Genital Herpes Sex

Genital Herpes Sex is the most common sex for people with herpes.  There are 4 tips as follows:

  • You must tell your partner.
  • Be honest and open about your condition.
  • Avoid sex before, during, or after outbreaks.
  • Take suppressive medication such as Valtrex or Acyclovir.

2. Oral Sex with herpes

Avoid sex during outbreaks of any sorts. Be careful and observant of what is going on in your and your partner's body. Take suppressive medication.

When you get cold sores, you are getting herpes. It is oral herpes. So don't have oral sex. You do not want to expose the blister to your partner. If you are careful, and don't kiss, you could still have genital sex. This way you could still have safe, fun oral sex even with herpes, but just not during outbreaks, or even "suspicious outbreaks".

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