Having herpes is a stressful thing, but you don’t need to believe everything you read

Having herpes seems to be an usual thing for many people, at the beginning, you may feel nervous, but you really do not need to believe everything you read.

I was completely taken aback because those who have just been diagnosed do not need to read this garbage.   While I am sure that there are many people out in the world that feel this way (biased and judgmental of people with herpes), is has NOT been the norm for myself or anyone I know that has vaginal herpes.

For the record, most women I know, including myself, that have genital herpes have long term partners or husbands (and many children) that DO NOT have the virus.   This despite having a partner/wife/mother that has carried HSV2 and may have regular outbreaks.  This should be extremely promising and comforting to any woman just diagnosed with HSV2.

Do I consider myself lucky to have found a guy that would marry me knowing I have H?  Does he think that he made a bigger sacrifice that needs to made?  Do I have to treat him extra special to ensure he keeps loving me (because I have HSV2)?

God. No.

I am sure that many husbands in their younger years did not wake up every morning and dream of their future wife having herpes.  I am sure they might have even thought that they might reject a woman for having herpes because it was just too much to deal with.   But this is what happens.  You meet someone, you click, you have fun together, you laugh, you look forward to seeing them.  Soon you can’t stop thinking about them and you start imagining a future together.  Better yet, you can’t imagine a future without them.

And then they tell you that they have genital herpes.

Yes, it’s hard to hear, “I have herpes” and it wasn’t what you were expecting.  But the risk of losing this person becomes the greater sacrifice.   And so you learn to deal, because this is life.   There is cancer, depression, heart disease, and anything and everything more serious that HSV2.   There is also marriage, children, joy, happiness, sharing passion together.

This is life.

For any woman out there that is rejected by a man over HSV2, be thankful.  Because he was going to leave one day anyway.

You rock. You can and you will do better.

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