Herpes Dating UK success story: Found someone amazing….

Found someone amazing.

She sent me a wink on June 30 of this year. I wasnt going to respond because I was about to put dating on hold until I cleared up some things in my life. But I read her profile, really liked it, and thought "why not?". So, I winked back... not really thinking anything about it. We then exchanged a few emails and pictures the next day, and it all felt really good. The next day we talked on the phone for an hour and it felt even better. It was immediately apparent that we thought about, and approached, life the same way. We decided to meet for lunch the very next day... so, I think it was four or five days after she winked, we met for lunch near my office downtown.

There was immediate chemistry. We met two more times that week and then I had a planned vacation... so we chatted the entire time I was away. We moved to texting instead of through PS because it was just easier/quicker. And since then we have just gotten closer and closer. Haha... there is no plans for marriage (per your email question). We have both definitely fallen in love, but are in no hurry for anything more than enjoying the moments and time together.

I want to thank Positive Singles. Making connections like these is nearly impossible in life as it is... then you throw on top of it previous divorce/separation and the conditions we all carry with us (on the site) and it can seem hopeless. It is still early in our relationship, but I think she is the "one"... and I found her on PS (well, she found me. lol). Thank you!

As far tips for the site. I think being able to see who has viewed you is key and I would suggest making that a free feature. The design is a little cluttered (Im a site designer) and isnt immediately intuitive. I didnt mind paying for your service. It seems a bit steep, but I suppose it does weed out the non-serious members.

As far as observations that may or may not be useful to other members. Profile pics were somewhat important to me. But I understand with the nature of this particular site that people might not want to display their photo. I had no problem talking to some that had no profile pic on the site. But I wanted to see pics fairly quickly upon meeting. Not to be shallow, but there has to be a physical chemistry. The actual written profile was the most important. Seeing how someone communicates through words. How they describe themselves. Etc. That made the biggest impact for me.

Thanks again,

Kisslover78, Medina, OH, United States, Aug 26, 2015

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