Dating with HSV 2: Is Your Dating Life Over?

First off I would like to say that I have genital herpes (HSV2) and herpes simplex (HSV1) so I can speak from my own dating experiences.

Herpes Dating UK can be a challenge but don't think you dating life is over just because of this because it is not. There are things you can do. Since one in five people in American between the ages of 15 and 50 have Genital Herpes (HSV2) you certainly are not alone. I am not sure what the herpes statistics are in the rest of the world but if they are as high as the US then we have a global crisis on our hands.

The first thing you want to do is do a search online for "Local Herpes Group + Your States Name" . Searching for herpes groups in your state should return better search results and you will have a better chance of seeing some bigger groups in your area. Some areas of the country don't have any herpes groups so perhaps you might want to start your own group. Most of the bigger HSV2 groups are Yahoo Groups so if you plan on starting your own herpes group then Yahoo certainly is the best free way to get started.

Many singles use free online dating sites. If you know of a free dating site that does not screen their profiles you can create a herpes profile and leave your image off the profile.

There is a few things that will get you more profile views and that is to create a username with the word herpes in it. Ex. HerpesGal2015 or HSV2Gal 2015. Also if there is a place in the profile where you can put in something for hobbies then type the words Herpes & HSV2,   These are keywords that other members use when searching the profiles so make sure you use the words herpes or HSV2 in your username and elsewhere in your profile. By creating this type of profile you get another free way to get yourself out there without showing your face.

Having herpes can really get you down because dating will never be the same again but it is not the end of dating. Just use every outlet available so you can to get the word out about yourself.

Lastly, you can always sign up for a herpes dating site in UK as there are many of these type of sites online these days. Most herpes dating sites have singles with other STD's and not just herpes. Since many singles have multiple STD's this only makes sense. The one thing I have found out about HSV dating sites is that there is not nearly the amount of people who subscribe than do regular dating sites, but I was surprised at how many familiar faces I see on these herpes dating sites that I also see on non herpes dating site.