Challenges of dating people with genital herpes and have sex with oral herpes

Dating with herpes or any other STDs can often prove to be difficult. It has been observed that STDs continue to be a taboo in the society, with a lot of people feeling that it would create a barrier in their sex life. On the contrary, innumerable researches have shown that people with herpes can continue to live an absolutely normal life and get physically intimate with others, but they wouldn’t have the luxury of being carefree about it.

Being rejected because you’re living with herpes

Regardless of whether you take to conventional real-world dating or online dating, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that people with herpes face rejection more often than others, just because they’re infected with a virus. Besides, it is worth mentioning that herpes affects about 90 percent of Americans at some stage in their lives. Therefore, when are aware of the fact that no one is immune to the virus, why treat it as a life-threatening illness?

It is unfortunate that lack of knowledge has eventually led to this and people with herpes are rejected right away. However, there are people who choose to stick with their partners regardless of their medical condition.

You can no longer have casual sex with herpes with your partners

Sex isn’t anything like it was earlier. People with herpes are advised to follow precaution because they’re likely to transmit the herpes simplex virus to their partner. Besides, you don’t necessarily need to indulge in oral, anal or vaginal sex in order to get infected. Simple acts such as kissing or coming in contact with the infected area can spread the virus. It might take a little time to get used to but this is something you’re required to follow.

Talking about Herpes with someone who doesn’t have it

One of the scariest things about dating with herpes is the fact that you would have to talk about it with your partner. It wouldn’t be wise to have sex with him unless he accepts the fact that you’ve been diagnosed with herpes and your partner stands the risk of being infected. You’d be fortunate if your partner is already affected by it, otherwise, you’d have to go through the entire drill. More than 60 percent of people living with herpes and seeking a companion find this to be the most difficult part of dating.

Herpes dating sites – A ray of hope

Herpes dating sites and herpes dating apps have emerged to be a ray of hope to those seeking support and love, while living with herpes. With a huge membership base comprising of people with herpes, it wouldn’t be a herculean task to find a person who’d love you for whom you are and without judging your past.