3 safety tips for dating with herpes in UK

Herpes Dating UK will be very common thing in coming days since herpes spreads more quickly and more and more people are suffering from herpes, HSV, HPV, even HIV/AIDS. But for your own safety, you should take care of yourself before a herpes dating. Here we list 3 safety tips for dating with herpes, hope it is useful to you.

First of all, you should know what type of herpes your partner has.

Herpes has many types, and different types of herpes have different symptoms. Before the further dating, you should know the herpes type of each other and make preventive measures to  the future spread of disease and treatment.

Then, make sure the Mutual understanding of each other's condition and encourage each other to treat herpes actively.

Many people are more and more sicker because of a lack of understanding of his condition and no one cares about him/her, they lose confidence and throw the handle after the blade. So taking care of your partner is taking care of yourself.

The last, use condom if you have sexual connection.

No cure for herpes, so we should try to avoid sexually transmitted infections and avoid getting new type of herpes. As we know, sex is the main route of herpes transmission, and using condom in sex will reduce 97% transmission threat。 So please using condom when you have sex with herpes.